Powerball Winning Numbers For 01/09/2021 Drawing: $470M Jackpot

The Powerball lottery jackpot has developed into a mammoth $470 , 000, 000 for any gambler who has the winning ticket about Saturday, Jan. dokuz. Typically the one-time cash pay out to get tonight's Powerball drawing is definitely $362. 7 million, which will would be a nice solution to start 2021.

The particular being successful Powerball numbers are sketched every Wednesday together with Saturday at 10: 59 g. m. Eastern time, with Powerball results typically placed within 5 short minutes.

Ticket income end with least one hour ahead of drawing in most says, yet a state may halt gross sales earlier, some as Illinois, which in turn halts sales three several hours before the drawing. In Baltimore and New Jersey, admission product sales end at 9: 59 p. m.; around Las vegas, they close at 15 p. m. Check out with your state lottery intended for the cut-off time period.

The particular winning Powerball numbers with regard to Saturday, Jan. 9, happen to be: 14, 26, 35, fortyfive, 46 and the Powerball of 13.

The largest Powerball jackpot in background was $1. 586 thousand, which was divide by means of winners in Ca, Sarasota and Tennessee within The month of january 2016.
To earn often the Powerball jackpot, a new player must match most 5 white balls in just about any buy and the red Powerball number. The odds of selecting the correct Powerball grand treasure numbers are usually one in 292, 201, 338, which will not modification even if more gamers buy tickets when this jackpot is enormous.

Anyone have some sort of better probability of winning this Powerball jackpot if you allow the computer system select your figures, according to lottery officers. Concerning 75 percent of receiving tickets over the several years had numbers chosen by your computer.

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